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"I have great concerns that people do not realise what this land issue is about. It's about my life, it's about my people's lives, and it's about the continuing culture of aboriginal peoples."
Richard Frankland
Kilkurt Kilgar clan of the Gournditch-Mara nation
Poems of Richard Frankland

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This site encourages publication of international contributions and will live on and evolve as a dedicated SITE for true worldwide interpretation, interaction and connection with regard to land rights issues.
By focusing on the unfolding story of land rights struggles, whoseland.com explores:

  • land rights issues of relevance to all of us,
  • our relationships with other cultures,
  • the future of indigenous minority cultures,
  • and custody of the land for future generations.
In doing so it sets the scene and challenges us as to what kind of new Millennium we will subscribe to - one that persists with the past or one that offers a future with greater respect for the world in which we live and all the people who populate it.

  Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission.
This site is intended to build its content to the year 2000. More media will be added periodically until a fully interactive multimedia documentary of Land Rights for the Millennium evolves.

© all material contained in whoseland.com is subject to copyright.
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