All over the world, indigenous peoples are joining together to challenge the forces that deprive them of their lands.
The aim of the material contained in is to be of interest to:
    Government representatives and Politicians worldwide
    Students - secondary & tertiary, political, social & environmental
    Indigenous activitists from all around the world
    Indigenous and native people from all countries
    Legal representatives for claims and defendants
    Organisations who are involved with disparate groups
    those interested in getting involved with documentary information about these issues and details - not the mainstream media portrayal

The Internet is used as a new source of contact and connection for these people.
This site is intended to build its content to the year 2000. More media will be added periodically until a fully interactive multimedia documentary of Land Rights for the Millennium evolves.
Those that make this project possible are:
The Australian Film Commission
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Project Director - Jo Lane
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Project Executive - Richard Frankland
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Africa Australia Exchange Writer - Dr.Charles Lane
Special Thanks to:
Steve Kinnane - Video in Perth
Jo Heath - Video & Production Assistance
Mirrimbiak Aboriginal Nations Corporation for their kind donation of the JVC DVC video camera for recording the Exchange and for supporting the National Symposium, "Voice Over Land", Melbourne.
Australian Film Commission and Cinemedia Multimedia 21 Fund - Who both officially expressed interest in supporting this project.

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